A. Benedetti

In The Dark

Many of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted recently. My intention was not to leave everyone in the dark and I apologize. I’m buried deep in editing my latest novel, SECRETS BELOW.  My goal is to have the manuscript ready for my beta readers no later than June 1, 2016. With that in mind, blog posts have taken a backseat.

I cannot adequately express my excitement with this latest project. It is a blend of two of my favorite things; law enforcement and scuba diving.

Here is a sneak peak of SECRETS BELOW:

It isn’t Jordan Pace’s fault a murderer walked free. The fact that her father went missing last year has nothing to do with it. Despite personal problems, her performance is top-notch. The blame lands on her department’s lackadaisical approach to underwater crime scenes and Jordan is done trying to change it. When the opportunity to join the elite FBI dive team forming in the Portland, Oregon area arrives, she jumps at it. This is her chance to put an end to those who use her beloved waterways to hide their crimes.

Once again, she must prove herself in a predominately male career. Not only as a female investigator but as an expert scuba diver. When the team’s first homicide investigation lands at her back door, Jordan’s search takes a sinister turn. She uncovers evidence proving the homicide and her missing father are related. If she turns over the evidence, she will be kicked off the case and no one will be looking for her father. If she doesn’t turn it over, she compromises the entire investigation and another killer could walk free.


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