A. Benedetti

Journey to Publication, Part One

I outlined my idea, spent countless hours researching, then poured my heart and soul into writing. The completed manuscript sits on a shelf in my office and every time I walk by it I say, “Wait. Your time will come.” Because, that novel isn’t the one I’m trying to get published.

In the midst of creating my first novel, I was inspired. Although that word sounds inadequate for what actually happened. On a hot summer day, sleeping after a graveyard shift, I had the air conditioning cranked up so I could sleep. I was so comfortable snuggled up under my blanket and must have been dreaming, but all I remember was being jolted awake. The force of what hit me was almost frightening and it took a few minutes to catch my breath. Finally, I threw off my sleep mask and reached over to my nightstand for the notebook and paper I keep there for just such an emergency. I began to scribble frantically. It took five pages for me to outline the concept in a way I knew I would not forget.

I shouldn’t have worried. The idea haunted me, day and night. I was itching to get to it, but I’d made a promise to myself. That promise was to actually sit down and complete a novel. I would not allow myself to move onto this new brainchild until I finished what I started. And, that’s what I did. Only, instead of having a great sense of accomplishment at the completion of a novel and wanting to do the work to get it published, I just wanted to get started on the next one.

So, I played at trying to get published. I sent a query letter here and there and even attended two writing conferences. But I wasn’t passionate about it. I knew the introduction I wanted to make to the world was the idea that burst its way into consciousness.

Guardian of Your Soul is now ready to greet the world. Well, almost. It is currently out to my readers for a final edit. I’ve signed up for the Willamette Writer’s Conference on August 7-9, 2015 and have purchased pitch sessions which will get me in front of some the industry’s top agents and editors.

While my novel is out for its final read, I’m still very busy. I’m researching the agents, writing my synopsis, author profile, and pitches. The hope is to find the agent and/or editor who is as passionate about my novel as I am. But, I also have to be realistic.

The chances of meeting the right agent or editor out of the five pitches I’m scheduled to give is pretty slim. So, I’m also researching other agents and preparing to query them as soon as I have the results from the conference. I won’t give up until I find the magic connection with not just any agent, but with the right agent for me.

All this work just to get to step one! After finding literary representation, next comes finding a publisher who is interested, more editing of the manuscript and learning how to market (yikes). But, I’m determined to do what is necessary and have my shiny new book in my hand. So, if you’ve come this far, stay with me. The ride is only beginning!

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