A. Benedetti

Pick A Pitch!

Please help pick the best pitch!  Everyone who votes will be entered into a random drawing* for a $10 Starbucks gift card.  The winner will be announced July 22, 2015.

As I prepare for the upcoming conference, I must have a compelling pitch to give agents and editors in order to catch their interest.  This is essential in getting them to read the manuscript.  Here we go!

#1 What if tragedy is never meaningless? When psychiatrist, Eileen Hoffman discovers someone is taking her patients’ children, she must face the possibility that some souls choose to die a senseless death.

#2 In a small town in the Columbia River Gorge, teenage girls are disappearing. The only connection between the girls is the psychiatrist treating their mothers. Dr. Eileen Hoffman thinks it’s just a coincidence, however, the detective in charge believes otherwise.  While he searches for answers, she is faced with the possibility that no tragedy is meaningless.

#3 Small town psychiatrist, Eileen Hoffman, always controls her emotions. When the detective in charge of the case arrives to question her about the disappearance of a patient’s daughter, she learns another girl, belonging to a different patient, is also missing. Just when she needs to be at her best to treat the mothers of these girls, her own sanity comes into question. She is haunted by memories of her first psychiatric patient, who she failed to help.

*Drawing open to US residents only.


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