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Top 25 Gifts For Writers

Looking for the perfect gift for the writer in your life? Don’t fret. I’ve polled social media and scoured the internet to compile the ULTIMATE WRITER’S WISH LIST*. If you are looking for something great for kids to give: have them write their own story and give to your writer! Nothing is more special.

  1. Kindle
  2. iPad
  3. Bluetooth keyboard for iPad or Kindle
  4. Business Cards (Moo, Vistaprint,  Zazzle, etc.)
  5. Coffee/Tea – and everything that goes with it. Cool mugs, tumblers, etc.
  6. Chocolate – Try getting chocolates from around the world. Explore and sample!
  7. Lithographs – books printed on Tshirts, totes and posters
  8. Headshot Photo Shoot – Every great writer needs one!
  9. Fingerless writing gloves (Storiarts has some cute ones!)
  10. Notebooks
  11. Journals
  12. Fountain Pen (or other fancy pens)
  13. Stationary
  14. Wax & Seal Kits for letters
  15. Dry Erase Board
  16. Post-It notes
  17. USB Drives – There are so many varieties: necklaces, animals, bracelets, etc.
  18. NaNoWriMo swag (This is a non-profit site that works to empower and encourage creativity around the world).
  19. Scrivener – The latest software advance for writers since the word processor.
  20. Dragon for PC – Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software
  21. Headphones with microphone
  22. Books – Do you know what genre they write? Help them stay up to date with the market and gift them something current. Click here for the Goodreads Choice Awards for the latest. Also, books on craft are always welcome. Here is a post on the top 11 books on writing.
  23. Spa Gift Certificate
  24. CD’s
  25. When all else fails – Giftcards/Cash. These were the top picks: iTunes, Bookstore, FaceBook Ad Dollars, Amazon.


If you’ve found the “ultimate” gift for your writer and it’s not listed here, please add it to the comment section.


*This is not an endorsement for any items listed.

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