A. Benedetti


For many, the Fall season is a favorite. Nature’s fireworks are on display in reds, yellows, browns and greens. The air is crisp and cool and favorite sweaters come out of the closet. We can finally fire up our stoves and ovens without sweltering and comfort food abounds. But for a shift worker, Fall is a favorite for other reasons.

I swear I’ve gotten more sleep in the last two weeks than I have all summer. A dark cloudy day is as close as I get to sleeping at night. This time of year, my body surrenders itself fully to dreaming and I sleep without waking up ten million times. Rain keeps the lawn mowers and leaf blowers at bay. As well as dogs tucked away in their homes were the walls keep them safe from the elements and I get the joy of only hearing muted barks.

Oh my, how I’ve missed my favorite blanket all summer long. In my cozy nest, I sleep and sleep and sleep. It’s such a change from spring and summer that I’m seriously considering canceling my appointment at the insomnia clinic.

To many of you day walkers, this post may seem silly. To my night time friends, I know you can all relate. Sleep is, by far, the top on the priority list and we hate it when our daytime friends take it for granted. No, I’m not going to meet you for breakfast-EVER.  When I get off work at 5 am, it’s not okay for you to call me at 10 am (eight hours is the recommended amount of sleep one needs. Please, do the math). And please, do not ever expect me to be dressed in anything other than pajamas when you show up at my door.

Right now, it’s pouring outside and the Pacific Northwest is preparing for a major storm. I should probably be concerned but the sound of the rain outside my window turns my body to Jell-O. I’ll take what mother nature delivers because it’s a small price to pay for what the rest of the season brings–good food, cozy blankets, favorite sweaters, and best of all SLEEP.



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