A. Benedetti

Diving Into Edits

Did someone say diving?


Oh, diving into edits. Yes. That’s what’s happening right now. My latest novel, Immersion, is taking shape and I’m excited with the direction it’s going. There’s a lot of work ahead but my plan is to focus the next couple of months on getting the manuscript ready for my critique partners to review.



Since diving plays such a large part in these manuscripts, I thought I’d share some of my favorite scuba diving moments:


The above photo was taken in Maui. This eel has taken up residence inside the wreckage of a boat. Sunken boats are often teaming with sea life and many eels that found this wreck to be more than accommodating.


This is a dive in Puget Sound’s Hood Canal where my boyfriend located an infant Giant Pacific Octopus. He was adorable! If you don’t know much about the Octopus, they are creatures with an incredible amount of personality. While in Maui, I watched divers following an octopus that hid in the reef. With divers splayed out on the sandy bottom, staring into the hole the creature had disappeared into, I watched him rise from the reef two feet above them. With one eye on the divers still occupied with the hole, he took a few moments to make sure he’d outsmarted the divers before slowly slipping away up the reef. After watching this, I’ll never eat one again. The world is a better place with them and their antics in it.


Cold water diving is far from glorious. In fact, it’s downright miserable at times. Once below the water, the misery tends to disappear . . . at least until it’s time to surface.

To me, diving is exploring a new world, a different existence. The creatures encountered are like nothing I’ve seen on land and their behavior is fascinating and sometimes comical. The bonus is when I get to travel to tropical places and enjoy the sun and warmth along with visiting these creatures. Exploration above and below is my jam!

I’m not the photographer. Never have been. I get too immersed in the moment to think of pulling out a camera. Lucky for me, I always seem to have people with me who have a passion for photography and even though they don’t always capture my most flattering images, I’m thankful they are willing to share them with me. The tangible reminder of happy days is priceless!

I can’t forget about all the great people I meet on dive boats. We make friends from all over the world every time we dive. Sharing a passion is a great way to bring people together.

Time to quit dreaming about diving and get back to work. This book isn’t going to edit itself.

What is your passion? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try and haven’t? I’d love to hear from you!

I'd love to hear from you