A. Benedetti

Guardian of Your Soul

In the wake of a tragedy, people accomplish amazing things. Things they never would have imagined without having experienced it. For this to happen, some souls must choose to sacrifice themselves.

She’s detached. She’s dedicated. She’s the rock her patients need. Underneath the cool facade, small town psychiatrist Eileen Hoffman is losing her mind.

Two days, two missing girls.

Eileen finds herself treating mothers experiencing the worst moments of their lives. The pain these women feel is almost too much for Eileen; especially with memories of her first psychiatric patient and only failure resurfacing. Her ability to stay detached is slipping.

Two more days.

Another disappearance.

This time, the police have a witness — a traumatized girl who refuses to speak. When Eileen sees this delusional girl, the past and present collide. Shaken, Eileen begins therapy sessions, but the ghost of the patient she lost years ago haunts her every time their eyes meet.

The police need answers but Eileen can’t tell them what she knows. They would label her the crazy one. The truth is she thinks the girl might be right. Only when she relinquishes her scientific views and believes that some souls choose to be victims can she help the missing fulfill their destinies and uncover her own.

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