A. Benedetti

Secrets Below


After her last homicide case crumbled, Jordan Pace learned her lesson—if she wants an investigation handled properly, she needs to do it herself. But a week into her new job on the FBI’s Aquatic Homicide Team, the lone-wolf attitude gets her sidelined from an apparent accidental drowning operation.

Determined to prove she can be a team player, Jordan steps back and allows the other members to show their strengths during a routine evidence dive. She follows protocol and tries to be sociable. But when they uncover a body whose elaborate disposal method points to the work of a serial killer, her need to take control is too strong. She doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job right and won’t risk another killer going free.

When not searching for the serial killer, Jordan dedicates her time to investigating her father’s disappearance—a case local law enforcement won’t take seriously. While in pursuit of a clue that might reveal what happened her dad, she’s led to the serial killer’s dumping ground. With proof the two cases are related, Jordan finds herself torn between family and duty.

If the connection with her father’s case is divulged, FBI regulations will force her off the investigation. If she keeps the evidence a secret and tries to find her father without the help of her team, she could lose the chance to stop a serial killer.

SECRETS BELOW is a standalone, 81,000 word, adult mystery with series potential set in the waterways of the Pacific Northwest. This novel will appeal to fans of Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series.